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A private discussion area only viewable by moderators.
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     General Area
Info About Joining This Forum / FAQ
Thinking of joining the forum? Find out the info you need to know.
4 4 BBGL Policies and Organizatio...
Nov 10 by boyboygirllove
Official News / Updates / Announcements
Any official BBGL news, updates or announcements will be posted here.
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Enjoy the forum? Help keep it going!
An area for people who want to learn how they can help keep the forum going!
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     Members Only Area
Hot Topics
Check out the threads posted here for all the hottest topics!
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Introduce Yourself
Come introduce yourself to other members of the community!
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Truth or Dare
Feeling daring? Search through our truth or dare forum and tackle as many as you can! A great way for people to get to know you :)
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Bisexual Sex
Discuss anything about Bisex (experiences, fantasies, questions, advice, MMF, FFM, MMFF, etc.)
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Straight Sex
Discuss anything about straight sex (experiences, fantasies, questions, advice, MF, MFM, FMF, MMFF, etc.)
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Gay Sex
Discuss anything about gay sex (experiences, fantasies, questions, advice, MM, FF, etc.)
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Discuss toys, girlcocks, lubes, positions, hands free-orgasms, rimming, fantasies, experiences, etc.
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Orgies / Gangbangs / Group Sex
Discuss anything about Orgies / Gangbangs / Group Sex (experiences, fantasies, questions, advice, etc.)
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Exhibitionism / Voyeurism
Discuss anything about Exhibitionism / Voyeurism (experiences, fantasies, questions, advice, MMF, FFM, MMFF, etc.)
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Sex Toys/Games (use Pegging/Strapon/Assplay for anal toys)
Discuss, review, post pics or anything else to do with sex toys or games.
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Discuss anything about BDSM, cuckolding, hotwives, sissification and more!
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Sex/Fetish Clubs
Discuss your experiences, recommendations,fears, fantasies, etc.
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Discuss anything about PORN (reviews, preferences, favorites, etc.)
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Sex Positions / Techniques
Discuss and share your favorite sex positions and techniques!
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Sexy Stories (Fictional)
This area is for all of you who have a sexy story you've written (fictional) that you'd like to share with everyone.
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Erotic Art
Share your original erotic art with us here! (art/photos/poetry,etc)
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General Sex Area (use the Chat Area below to post chat requests)
Got something that doesn't seem to fit in any of the areas about sex? Post it here!
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General Area (non sex related topics)
Discuss your rants, raves, hobbies, sports, entertainment, jobs, life, politics, etc
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Health and Wellness
Discuss sexual health and wellness topics here.
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Got something you need advice on? Post it here and let our community help you.
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Premium Member - Feedback, Suggestions, Questions
Are you a premium member and have a comment or suggestion? Even an idea for a photo set? Thinking of becoming one but have a question about this area? Post them here :)
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Forum Feedback / Suggestions / Issues
Help us make the website and forum an even better experience for everyone!
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     Premium Member Forum
Boyboygirllove Personal Pics & Fantasies
Become a premium member! A one time fee of $15 will help to keep this site going and gain you exclusive access to my more revealing pics(hubby too) that I do not post on Tumblr. I have also shared several of my x-rated fantasies that I have written :) I will continue to add new content weekly! The more members we have the more this site costs me so if you enjoy it please help to keep it going! :) If you click on the "Boyboygirllove Personal Pics & Fantasies" link it should take you directly to the Paypal site. Once the transaction is complete you will have access to the paid area. If you use the Donate link off the website you will need to msg me with your forum username so I can manually add you to the paid area. Thanks for all your support! xoxoxo
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     Chat Area
Chat Requests - Skype, Kik, Email, Whatsapp, G-chat,etc
Up for chatting but can't use the forum's chat feature? Post your ads for chatting via your mobile device here! Don't forget to include your account name(s) and what you are up for chatting about!
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     Hookup Ads - Find guys, girls and couples to meet with in person!
How to do member searches
In this area you will find instructions on how to search members based on their profile data. I will also put up links to popular searches so let me know as I add them if there are any missing! :)
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How to post a hookup ad
Instructions on how to post an ad, tag it, and use this forum to search for locals.
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Post your ad in here if you are from Canada. Be sure to include all of the tag words you can (city, prov, male, female, etc)
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Post your ad in here if you are from the US. Please include your State in the subject line. Be sure to include all the tags in the comment box that apply to you so people can search you (city, male, female, mmf, mm, etc)
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Post your ad in here if you are from the UK. Be sure to include all the tags that apply to you so people can search you (city, male, female, mmf, mm, etc)
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Post your ad in here if you are from Europe. Be sure to include all the tags that apply to you so people can search you (city, male, female, mmf, mm, etc)
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Post your ad in here if you are from Australia. Be sure to include all the tags that apply to you so people can search you (city, male, female, mmf, mm, etc)
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Everywhere else in the world - - Private

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